Carbon Paste Briquettes Machines

Carbon Paste/Electron Paste/Anode Paste /Pitch&Coal Powder Briquetting Machine Briquettes Machines

A-Suitable Raw Material:

This type machine is designed for Carbon Paste/Electron Paste/Anode Paste/Pitch&Coal Powder Briquetting Machine Briquettes Machines into solid briquettes.

B-Final Product:

1-Shape: Regular: Round/Pillow/Square shape, Customized shape

2-Size: Regular:30~65mm, based on the shape.

Gypsum Powder Briquettes Machines

C-Machine Features:

1-Rollers: 9Cr2Mo Forged/Alloy Steel. Hardness ≥60 level, higher wear-resistant processing technology to increase lifespan 5-8 times.

2-Shaft: 40Cr material. Better Strength

3-Gear alignment to ensure the nice briquette shape

D- Technical Data

Model Capacity Reducer Power Pressure Adjust Way
MX430 3-6t/h ZQ500 11KW Mechanical
MX520 6-10t/h ZQ650 15KW Mechanical
MX670 10-15t/h ZQ650-750 22-30KW Mechanical
MX800 15-20t/h ZQ1000 45~55KW Hydraulic

briquetting machine

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